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Curl file name

Either use the -o option, or redirect shell output to the file of choice by using >. curl -o /path/to/local/file curl curl has the -o, --output option which takes a single argument indicating the filename output should be written to instead of stdout. If you are. 13 Feb Using the uppercase -O flag with curl downloads the file from the remote server while maintaining the exact file name, the basic syntax for this is.

The curl tool lets us fetch a given URL from the command-line. That --output flag denotes the filename ( of the downloaded URL ( 11 Apr cURL is a software package which consists of command line tool and -o ( lowercase o) the result will be saved in the filename provided in the. 27 Mar The background: I need to send files to a server using a POST form. But my files are not stored with their real names but with their archine.

10 Aug Hi group,. I want to obtain the actual download filename when I use libcurl. Some links may just be the host (e.g., others may. 10 Oct On Thu, 10 Oct , [gb] wrote: > I know there's no original filename associated with a URL. But if a URI > is directly linked to a. I'd like to POST a file upload with curl, and choose the filename at curl --form " [email protected]"


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