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Extjs create link

I'd use an autoEl for this. { xtype: 'component', autoEl: { tag: 'a', href: 'http://www.', html: '' } }. Here's a Fiddle. 26 Jul I want to create Links, (underlined Texts) for the main purpose of scroll to different part of the same screen, like a shortcut inside the same page. Application Architecture. dumaguetenews.comation · dumaguetenews.comller · EventDomain · dumaguetenews.comanager . SessionStorage · dumaguetenews.comtion · Ext. data. Packages. Sencha Cmd Packages · Creating Sencha Cmd Packages.

Using xtype * * xtype is an easy way to create Components without using the full class name. This is especially useful when creating * a {@link dumaguetenews.comner. Ext JS API Documentation from Sencha. Class documentation, Guides and Videos on how to create Javascript applications with Ext JS 4. Ext JS - API documentation from Sencha. how to style your Ext JS application. Theming Ext JS · Sencha Font Packages · Creating Theme-specific Overrides.

instead, when we create a class that extends {@link}, it automatically. * creates Field instances for each field configured in a {@link Ext. data. Creating a UI with Architect Typical First Step: Add and Build Views Add a View of building the example Ext JS-based desktop application called Car Listings After a second or two, Architect displays a description of the config and a link to. ExtJs 4 Grid display URL or hyperlink (href) To display a Web link, basically an URL, all you need to do is write a custom renderer function for the ExtJs Grid column that you want as . iOS programmatically create a custom UITableViewCell.


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