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The DCP specification has two official resolutions: “2K” and “4K”. Most projectors in theatres wordlwide currently are 2K projectors. In most cases you should. We've written about resolution before – particularly why you don't need to “blow up” a 2K DCP. But we also mention in that article that when you play a 4K DCP. 48/1; 4K Scope () Resolution: x FPS/1; 4K Flat () Resolution: x FPS/1; 4K Full () Resolution: x FPS: 24/1.

Wraptor is the gold standard in DCP software. Our proprietary wavelet-based encoding technique preserves image quality while you package for the best. I am surprised that the 4K DCP has a lower bitrate than the 2K DCP. I would have thought DCP standards would allocate a higher minimum. As I understand, modern server can handle 4k DCP without problems and scale them to 2k for the 2k projector, but I wonder if the downscaling.

Review Project Source file; Ingest Project onto DCP Server; Format Project & Sync x,x ( flat),x( scope),4k(X). 17 Jul In this post, we'll go over the 6 Most Important Steps to follow when creating your own DIY DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for your short or. 20 Feb Is there any benefit to creating both a 2K version and 4K version of the DCP. Obviously most servers can play either and it's only the projector.


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